From the deep side, for all the lounge family.
Inside the emotional landscapes that you can imagine, there is a feedback to put in my mind your deepest dreams.
We are here, right here, and this is the moment in the middle of the summer to travel around the darkness side ti the light.
This is my mind, this is your land. This is Dogglounge, this is your family
Enjoy and left your comments.

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Love and Respect
Podcast Episode



let they play on and on and on and on…..
Peace, love and respect to all.
Photo was taken in Locomia Disco, Algarve, when sunrise lights start to come inside, long time ago.
The ghost of this magic moments still survive on that beach.

PD: all the last mixes here comes from www.dogglounge.com, from my reg. program every friday



Due an small car accident, that puts me in no funny Dr. Evil white collar, no holidays this year, and far from Portugal Easter celebrations, we spend under the rain the whole week here in the coast. Winter time in the middle of the spring, but thanks God that we are ok. And this is the most important thing. First things first.
Once again a big hug to all the listeners in the show and also the lovely people in the chat room.
Big thanks to Oddog, sorry a lot for never be during the most part of the mixes from the dj’s from the other side of the ocean due the difference of hour (but listening every mix posted) and wish to all that you had a great Easter time. Time to reborn.
Please, tracklist during the show…


As Dr. Evil spinning with the white orthopedic collar, this is the session from the last friday.
A deep ambient mix for ride the first waves from the summer. Last days of lonely beaches, so time to enjoy the peacefull places. Some Neonlogic spirit on the first hour, for an inner travel.
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Last friday mix, some old tracks from my cd collection and a few new ones, with a funny remix inside from ELO…  Far from koreans karaokes images, deep house as well, with good comments during the transmission on the chat.
If you didn’t had time to listen, this is your time.
Thanks to all the listeners to contribute this brave radio station.
God bless you all.


This is the continuation of the Asturcones mix, due extra time (UnknownTone was out that day), using more or less the tracks for a two weeks ago surprise mix.
Some of my all time favs. Great ambient during the chat, we really had a party time.
Hope you like it.


Especial mix dedicated to the Dogglounge followers on the spanish forum http://www.technoastur.com (thanks Wafu and friends)
Asturcones is the name of an still alive ancient variety of horses that lives and run free in the mountains in Asturias region, North of Spain.
The brave spirit of this horses, impact in the primitive habitants of the region, who painted in prehistoric caves the wonderful nature of this magic animals.
Music to dream and to share.
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Thanks to all again


Mix from the last Friday, 18-March-2011
Thanks a lot to all the people who was listening. Yes, on the spirit, the big support for the Japan people, and for all the humankind that is suffering tragedies, prosecution or sadness.
No tracklist here, cos normally only reveal during the mix.
Hope you like it.


There is one word to describe all my experiences on this incredible land, South Portugal: Miracle. Never in my life meet people like there, friends from the soul, amazing beaches, perfect taste on music. Portuguese people love life, just the simple things, but also the most sophisticated ones. This one of the places where my heart belongs. I’d discovered the real house music experience, that is sharing good vibes and positive feelings with others in brotherhood.
People said that this land is connected with Atlantis. And I think that there is something true on that
That’s the place one time that with Hernani “Grooveman” and Stephane Manzone started our Deep House promoters GPS FOUNDATION. Parties under the blue sky in the summer, or under the Moon and the stars on the beach.
A real treasure in Europe that you must discover. There is a tons of names from portuguese dj’s and friends to say thanks, but it would be a laaaaaaarge list to mention here.
This is my homage, from the deepnes coming from telluric forces to the sound of the big rooms happy parties. Maybe need to make a soulful mix to explain more, but this is my Deep vision.
Obrigado, hirmaos, por ter um coraçao e um alma que dio_me muita luz e alegria a mia vida. E espero que ainda continue.
Enjoy, and thanks for your comments.


This mix is totally dedicated to the label hosted by Dj Sydney: Tokyo Red Recordings. True brothers on Deep House, same vibe, same feelings… The owners of one of the finest deep house compilations, “Tokyo Nights” series. This is my vision from his musics.
Thanks again for the people on the chat and for the listeners.
Deep visions from the best labels in a great effort to spread the new deep house with an intelligent influence of techno.
Great productions on this mix, and a great spirit on the chat.
Hope you like it!


Humankind need to go forward. Time for unity and hope. Time for the good kids. Time for be strong in our love. Peace to everybody.
Ross Couch rocking this mix. Hope you like it, Marko, and there is a good tracks on this that you’ll enjoy, Eugen, also, Jonni, and Max, and Wafu, Windy, ….
Love you More….
We are true believers on Deep House Spirit



… and join the Deep Forces. Lot of my influences here. Ripped some classics from my old cd,s and this is the thing. And, in an exceptional way, tracklist too.
Dedicated to Dylan Drazen, Timo, Jemaho, Alex Motu, Jonni Haus and the usual doggloungers, 95 North, Fresh & Low, Solar House, Delano Smith, Ross Couch….
This is another travel on deep. I work a lot this selection, so hope you enjoy.


Another deep travel at Dogglounge. Dedicated to my mates dj’s from Europa at Dogglounge Internet Radio: Neonlogic, Alex Motu, Jemaho, MarkyB, DubC, Tyago, Unknowntone, Marko Darko, Kupus … Cruise control on the Deep Starship with intelligent music.
For this mix, lot of thanks to Neonlogic for the first track, and Alex for the 13th track, discovered in his last mix (hope you podcast soon, master).
what more? Hummm….  Dogglounge Wants You! so, remember, this station need your support to continue on with the transmissions, so DONATE!! a few coins can help a lot!
The cover is a mix using Nasa pics and the great job of Greg Martin from http://www.experiencetheplanets.com
Ready for the travel?

Special First Year @ Dogglounge Mix

Special 1st Anniversary Mix at Dogglounge. Thanks a lot to NEONLOGIC to drop me in, an to ODDOG to trust in my style. One year full of thankfulness to listeners and dj’s for the support and enlighten, sharing love, good vibes and positive feelings that really help me during this hard year. For me, the rookie one, a big honor to ride with you in travel inside Deep House Music.
And a big hug to GoodGirl, Silvergirl, Meduza, Wafu, DeejayKspirit, Eugen, Marco, Max Sampla, £den, Sendemeister, Phillipe, Calvin, Dorfi, Housemeister, Nono… and all the people who normally come inside the chat during the mixes. Your comments makes me cry lot of times. Really big support!!
Also, big respect and all my love for the great effort that all the Dogglounge DJ’s are making, just to show the people how was, how is and how will be the REAL HOUSE MUSIC. Different vibes and styles, but great hearts behind every beat. You makes me dream with every session!
Love and Respect. God Bless You All.


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Happy New Year all and hope that you are gonna dancing for a while with this mix, just on my birthday for all the Dogglounge family. Great vibes on the chat during the mix and nice comments from the loungers.
Take a ride with me and be ready for a new deep vibes this year
God bless you all!



This mix, just played on Sat 3th Agst. on Dogglounge,  is a selection of my favorite tracks for this summer, and all of them played too on the special party on Aqua Lounge Club in Portimao.

Just chill, relax and enjoy summer wind fresh air, till the night comes with the promise of nice party with friends.



Music (Set Free) - Original Mix--Westpark Unit
Nightlife - Original Mix - Pete Gust
Yesterday's Gone (Remixes) (Sole Unity Remix) - Orekid
In The Tide - Original Mix - Audio Soul Project
Wanna Party - Original Mix - Soul Minority
Beautiful - Original Mix - Stryke
Runaway_E Meets E & L (Index Remix)
Rucyl - Love In War (Pete Gust KID Remix)
Love Vibe (Jimpster) - Iz & Diz
Set Free (Club Mix) - Westpark Unit vs. Vincenzo
Te Amo - Phil R Deep Mix - Rosa Morena Russa
Let Your Love Shine On - Original Mix - The Rhythm Slaves
Airport - Original Mix - Ciudad Feliz
Spiritlevel 1 (Blue Skies) - Spiritchaser
Elif - Jimpster Remix - Marc Romboy
Let It Go (Original Mix) - Nikola Gala
Retroplex - Original Mix - Soul Minority
Out Of Time - Original Mix - Shur-I-Kan
I'm Satisfied (Kirby & Aruba's 'Deeper Remix) - Scoper & Bubba, Kirby & Aruba
Jus Groove - Chez Damier Mix - Sascha Dive
Slowdown (Earnshaw's Dub Mix) - Eyereel Allstars
True - Harley & Muscle


Live Mix on Dogglounge 21/05/10: Do Androids dream of Electric Beach?

Live mix in Dogglounge Deep House Radio. 

Just to not put all the podcast there (more or less 2 per month) just this for our GPS foundation fans.

2 hours of music for this kind of clubs as in Blade Runner movie. Electric Mojitos for blue Androids. Maybe better call Rachel to ask to joyn for a drink... or getaway to a far beach...Enjoy

Download here



Voodoo Lopez @ Dogglounge 7 May 2010: PREACH

This is the mix for the last friday Dogglounge live session.
Just to preach to the spirits for a peaceful life, and keep the good people safe from the madness of this material life. For our families, our friends and for the people who is working with dignity to share the spirit of the communion, unity and power to fight against the shadow of the evil darkness.

And to Yemaya and Ochun or any other peace godess to bring us a beautiful summer....



Dogglounge live mix 30 april 201: Susana B-Day Mix!

Last 30th April Friday was my wife B-day party… so this is an especial live mix I’ve done in her honor during my schedule time
Just to say  THANKS from my  soul to the woman who support me and reinforce me during 18 years… standing by my side on the happiness and holding  me on the bad ones… but don’t forget that sometimes women are the wildest thing on the world, so don’t be around when she is out of humor… you get your ass kicked! So, she is in fact the responsible of the energy inside of me, deep, sometimes dark… but with a lot of lights!
And tracklist:…..
Einatmen/ The Timewriter
Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix)/ Omar
Breakwater (Deep Mix)/ Kenji Takashima
Out Of Time /Shur-I-Kan
Atemzug /The Timewriter
Egyptian Eye (Alex Kid Remix)/ Circular Star
Fate (Original Mix) /Bucher & Kessidis
Retroplex (Original Mix) /Soul Minority
Days And Times (Daniel Kyo Remix) /El Prevost feat D. Ham & Tina Penni
Kodachrome /Nils Penner
Jus Groove – Chez Damier Mix /Sascha Dive
Do You Remember (Tom Taylor 2 Pin Dub Remix) /El Prevost feat D. Ham
Suntan Warriorz (Soul Minority Deep Mix) /Budai & Vic
Freerider (Kirby Remix)/ Owain K, Jaime Anderson feat An-Tonic
Im Satisfied (Kirby & Arubas Deeper Remix) /Scoper & Bubba
Cruise Around The World /Roberto Rodriguez
Between The Beats (Original Mix)/ Harold Heath
Astor (Shur-I-Kan Remix)/ Robert Babicz
Meggie (Original Mix)/ Elias Tzikas
Voodoo Dib /Tigerskin

Hope you enjoy!