There is one word to describe all my experiences on this incredible land, South Portugal: Miracle. Never in my life meet people like there, friends from the soul, amazing beaches, perfect taste on music. Portuguese people love life, just the simple things, but also the most sophisticated ones. This one of the places where my heart belongs. I’d discovered the real house music experience, that is sharing good vibes and positive feelings with others in brotherhood.
People said that this land is connected with Atlantis. And I think that there is something true on that
That’s the place one time that with Hernani “Grooveman” and Stephane Manzone started our Deep House promoters GPS FOUNDATION. Parties under the blue sky in the summer, or under the Moon and the stars on the beach.
A real treasure in Europe that you must discover. There is a tons of names from portuguese dj’s and friends to say thanks, but it would be a laaaaaaarge list to mention here.
This is my homage, from the deepnes coming from telluric forces to the sound of the big rooms happy parties. Maybe need to make a soulful mix to explain more, but this is my Deep vision.
Obrigado, hirmaos, por ter um coraçao e um alma que dio_me muita luz e alegria a mia vida. E espero que ainda continue.
Enjoy, and thanks for your comments.

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