Another deep travel at Dogglounge. Dedicated to my mates dj’s from Europa at Dogglounge Internet Radio: Neonlogic, Alex Motu, Jemaho, MarkyB, DubC, Tyago, Unknowntone, Marko Darko, Kupus … Cruise control on the Deep Starship with intelligent music.
For this mix, lot of thanks to Neonlogic for the first track, and Alex for the 13th track, discovered in his last mix (hope you podcast soon, master).
what more? Hummm….  Dogglounge Wants You! so, remember, this station need your support to continue on with the transmissions, so DONATE!! a few coins can help a lot!
The cover is a mix using Nasa pics and the great job of Greg Martin from http://www.experiencetheplanets.com
Ready for the travel?

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